We MOT a wide range of cars, vans, motorhomes, scooters and motorcycles, custom cars, vintage cars and kit cars.

Our primary aim is to “pass” every vehicle, pass and advise within VOSA regulations where there's a borderline decision to be made and only fail a component where we absolutely have to, but justifying the decision by showing the customer the issue we have found.

We have nothing to gain for failing a vehicle like most other garages, as we do not do the work necessary for the pass.

Also, unlike other garages where the required standard to be an MOT Inspector is an NVQ (Not Very Qualified!), our Inspectors are all time served, indentured mechanics with City & Guilds and an excess 140 years’ experience between them in the Motor trade, hence, they are all freemen of the City of Coventry.

  • team
    The 2007 grand opening
  • testingteam
    The team that will give you a pass - Jeff, Tim, Loz & Paul
  • MOT1
    We carry out MOT on light vans and commercial.
  • MOT2
    We MOT upmarket cars
  • mot4
  • mot11
    We MOT motorcycles
  • mot5
    We mot specialist vehicles
  • mot6
    We MOT classic cars
  • mot7
    We MOT custom vehicles
  • mot8
    We MOT everyday runarounds
  • mot9
    We MOT kit cars
  • mot12
    We MOT Performance bikes
  • MOT27
  • mot13
    We MOT classic cars
  • mot14
    We MOT race preperared cars
  • mot25
    We MOT Motorhomes
  • mot16
    We MOT american cars and trucks
  • mot17
    We MOT kit cars
  • mot18
    We MOT scooters
  • mot19
    We MOT "yesteryear" vehicles
  • mot28
  • MOT3
  • mot15
    We MOT restored vehicles
  • mot20
    We MOT Harley Davidson's
  • mot21
    We MOT Motorhomes
  • mot29
    We MOT rare exotic cars
  • mot30